Towards a new multilateral energy architecture?

From  climate  change  over  peak  oil  to  the geopolitical  scramble  for  the  Arctic,  there are ample signs that a global energy crisis is unfolding.  The  sheer  scale  and  urgency  of this  looming  crisis  calls  for  international coordination. Yet, even a cursory look at the existing  international  energy  institutions leads  to  a  sobering  conclusion:  the  global energy  governance  architecture  is  weak, fragmented  and  incomplete.  This  policy brief  discusses  both  the  flaws  in  the multilateral  energy  architecture  and  some emerging ideas to strengthen it, such as the proposal  for  a  Sustainable  Energy  Trade Agreement  and  the  new  American disclosure rules for the extractive sector. It is available on the website of the Egmont Institute, Brussels. You can read it, by clicking here.