Workshop on the shifting (geo)politics of energy

Call for papers | Each year, the “Politicologenetmaal” brings together political scientists from the Low Countries and beyond. This year’s edition will take place in Ghent, Belgium, on May 30-31, 2013. Traditionally, the conference starts on Thursday at noon and lasts until Friday at about the same time. Together with Sijbren de Jong (HCSS), I’m… Continue reading Workshop on the shifting (geo)politics of energy

Steenkoolgaswinning in Limburg: kans of risico?

Op dinsdag 22 januari neem ik deel aan een debat over de plannen om methaangas te winnen uit onontgonnen steenkoollagen in de Limburgse Kempen. Het debat wordt georganiseerd door Vormingplus Limburg en gaat door in het CC Casino Houthalen-Helchteren. More informatie is te vinden in deze flyer.

New review of our book on global energy governance

The International Journal of Environment and Pollution recently published a review of our book Global Energy Governance in a Multipolar World (2010). Luc Hens of VITO/Flemish Institute for Technological Research judges that our book “is well documented, offers a wealth of references and is most accessible, also for non-experts of international environmental policy. Therefore it… Continue reading New review of our book on global energy governance

Strategic oil stocks, Iran and elections

The Flemish newspaper De Tijd published a short opion piece of mine in which I argue against a release of the strategic oil stocks. Such a stock draw could at best provide a temporary relief from high oil prices. Using emergency oil reserves purely for electoral reasons would set a dangerous precedent. Learn more.