Punctuated equilibrium in the energy regime complex

Jeff Colgan, Robert O. Keohane and I have written an article on the historical development of multilateral energy institutions that has just been published in the June 2012 issue of The Review of International Organizations. The paper applies the concept of “punctuated equilibrium” from evolutionary biology to institutional development in the energy regime complex from… Continue reading Punctuated equilibrium in the energy regime complex

New review of book on global energy governance

The journal Environmental Politics has just published a book review of Global Energy Governance in a Multipolar World, which I co-authored with Dries Lesage and Kirsten Westphal. Hannes R. Stephan from Lund University (Sweden) writes that the book “represents an excellent starting point for both researchers and policymakers interested in global energy governance. And its… Continue reading New review of book on global energy governance

Aardgasprijs volgt de stijgende olieprijs

I was interviewed by Flemish television on the question of why European gas prices are rising while American gas prices have plummeted. The answer is that, in continental Europe, gas prices are still mostly pegged to oil prices with a six-month delay. Watch the interview (in Dutch) here.

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Strategic oil stocks, Iran and elections

The Flemish newspaper De Tijd published a short opion piece of mine in which I argue against a release of the strategic oil stocks. Such a stock draw could at best provide a temporary relief from high oil prices. Using emergency oil reserves purely for electoral reasons would set a dangerous precedent. Learn more.